National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA):

NGA provides timely, relevant, and accurate Geospatial Intelligence in support of national security.  The Agency provides Geospatial Intelligence in all its forms, and from whatever source--imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial data and information--to ensure the knowledge foundation for planning, decision, and action.

The Pathfinder is the medium with which the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency enhances and promotes public awareness and understanding of the discipline of geospatial intelligence.

In addition to the official web site, you can keep up with NGA activities on Facebook and Twitter. The links to these media are:

Twitter: @NGA_GEOINT

National Geospatial-Intelligence Alumni Association (NGAA):
The NGAA was founded in 2011 for employees and retirees who have been associated with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and its predecessor organizations. Its purpose is to promote continued social interaction, pleasure, recreation, continuing education, and any other purpose of its Chapters and their members.


Formerly the Association of Aerospace Charting Seniors (ACS), NGAA-West
is a St. Louis-based organization that provides retirees and current employees, over the age of 55, a way to maintain contact with other former employees.  It currently has 343 full members and 105 associate members.

Geodetic Survey Squadron/Group:

This site honors the alumni of the Veterans of the Geodetic Survey Squadron/Geodetic Survey Group.

Aerial Survey and Photomapping History:

This site is preserving the history of the Aerial Surveying and Photomapping that was performed by the USAAF/USAF, 1941 to 1975.


Association of Mapping Seniors (AMS):

The Association of Mapping Seniors (AMS),was formed in 1974.
It provides a means for current and retired employees of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)and it's predecessors to keep in touch. AMS is a way of preserving friendships developed through the association over many years in all aspects of the mission.


Defense Intel Alumni Association: 

The Defense Intel Alumni Association (DIAA), at the request of the Director, was founded in 1998 by and for employees, retirees, and prospective retirees who have been associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF):

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the geospatial-intelligence tradecraft, and to develop a stronger community of interest between Government, Industry, Academic, and Professional organizations and Individuals who share a mission focus around the development and application of geospatial intelligence data and geo-processing resources to address National Security objectives.

USGIF now has a magazine, "Trajectory," which can be accessed on their website. Two articles, in particular, in the current issue should be of interest to many of our members. "At A Crossroads" discusses the potential impact of impending Defense budget cuts on NGA's cooperative $7.3B program with the US commercial satellite imaging industry. The other "The $4B Global Pie" discusses the internationalization of the commercial satellite imaging business.


The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) presents this website to serve our members and visitors as a portal to the activities of AFIO
and other US intelligence community groups.

Intelligence Community Associations Network (ICAN):

ICAN is a forum for representatives of Intelligence Community associations.
They meet informally to discuss common interests, deconflict schedules, and socialize. ICAN has no organization, no officers, and no agenda for its meetings.
Questions about ICAN can be directed to: or call him at 703-847-1999.


Cold War Museum:

The Cold War Museum is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to education, preservation, and research on the global, ideological, and
political confrontations between East and West from the end of World War II
to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The Cold War Times® is a quarterly online publication produced for the Cold War Museum® and Cold War Veterans.


Air Force Photo Mapping Association (AFPMA):


Aerial Survey and Photomapping History:

This site is dedicated to preserving the history of the Aerial Surveying and Photomapping that was conducted by the USAAF/USAf between 1943 and 1975.


IAGS Retirees and Friends:  (inactive)

The purpose of this web site was primarily to provide the means of contacting the many members,both military and civilian of that mapping agency better known as IAGS (INTER AMERICAN GEODETIC SURVEY) that enabled many Latin American countries to develop their mapping capabililties. The IAGS program was so successful that it was eventually phased out of existence, but its legacy still lives on with the Latin American Mapping Agencies that are still producing mapping products for their countries.