NGAA-East OFFICERS (2020-2021)

PresidentBarry Tilton,  (703) 298-3371                                                                         e-mail:

President-ElectIrv Buck (703) 591-2593/(703) 344-1036 (c)      


Vice President – Kim Robson  (571-422-2423 (c)     e-mail:

Treasurer – Dennis Drum (703) 742-5437/(571) 641-9102 (c)        


Editor/Secretary– James E. Johnson (571) 216-4702 (c),    e-mail:

Past-President/Representative to NGAA Board of Directors

Joe Steel (703) 483-1251 (c), e-mail:

Representative-at-large to NGAA Board of Directors – 

Joseph Spytek (703)820-3856 Cell: (571) 275-2124, e-mail:

Liaison to Foreign GEOINT Professionals–Jack Hild     

-(410) 4614537/(720) 378-1053 (c),            e-mail:     

Senior Advisor - Allen E. Anderson  (703) 842-3188,

Historian - Dorothy Jennings-Smith   (239) 454-6109,  e-mail:

Staff Director/Webmaster - Angelo Meoli     (301) 661-9378(c),                         

 e- mail:


The NGAA was founded in 2011 for employees and retirees who have been associated with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and its predecessor organizations. Its purpose is to promote continued social interaction, pleasure, recreation, continuing education, and any other purpose of its Chapters and their members. The Association was created by the merger in July 2011 of two geographically-based (NGIAA in the east and ACS in the west) organizations with a long history as retiree-oriented groups as chapters, respectively NGAA-East and NGAA-West.

NGAA-East (formerly the National Geospatial/Intelligence Alumni Association-NGIAA and the Defense Mapping and Charting Alumni Association-DMCA, founded in 1980) provides a way for current and retired DMA/NPIC/CIO/NIMA/NGA employees and affiliates to keep in contact and exchange information, ideas, and experiences. 

In keeping with the change of the Agency’s name, mission, and indeed its workforce, the name of the legacy Association (DMCA) was changed, in 2008, to the National Geospatial/Intelligence Alumni Association (NGIAA), to better reflect its connection to employees and retires of its primary source of new members, as well as its awareness of the technological changes having taken place in the career fields it represents.


NGAA, a non-profit organization, is exclusively operated for continued social interaction, pleasure, recreation, educational and any other purpose for the benefit of its Chapters and their members. The Association provides a means to coordinate sharing of interests, experiences, ideas and social contact among the Association Chapters and their memberships. It serves as the authorized point of contact for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, other Federal and State agencies, and other geospatial or geospatial intelligence organizations.


The Chapter comprises 535+ active members. Membership is extended to:

  •  Retired military, civilian, and contractor personnel who were regularly employed by NGA, its direct support activities, and predecessor organizations (DMA/NPIC/CIO/NIMA).
  •  Current and former employees (civilian, military, or contractor) of NGA and predecessor organizations (DMA/NPIC/CIO/NIMA), regardless of length of service.
  •    Surviving spouses of deceased retirees (non-voting).
  •   Retired military and civilian personnel who were regularly employed on the staffs and/or affiliated activities of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or of the Headquarters of the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, or US Marine Corps, and who were associated with geospatial intelligence endeavors.
  •  Current and former foreign partners of NGA and predecessor organizations.  


The Chapter meets in the Washington area twice each year: the annual business luncheon in the fall and a luncheon in the spring. The affairs are well attended; they offer an opportunity to visit with old friends, share an excellent meal, and be entertained or enlightened by a guest speaker.  

NGAA members and guests, and all former NGA and heritage employees, are invited to participate at various times at Hiddencroft Vineyards outside Lovettsville, VA. This charming winery ( was founded in May 2008 by husband and wife, Clyde and Terry Housel. The couple, who came from long careers with NGA and its predecessors, began planting their vineyard in 2001 and were grape-growers first.       

Happy Hours are held at various times, usually in the Reston, VA area.  It is a time to catch up with your fellow alumni/ae and just have a good time.   Advance notice on date will be sent by e-mail.


A Newsletter notifies the membership of future Association activities and other business, and provides the reader accounts of events and milestones in the lives of their friends, as well as recollections and anecdotes. About 90% of the members are on the Internet. Announcements, notices, etc. are communicated by e-mail on a real-time basis, OR on the Chapter web site.


Annually, NGAA-East recognizes an outstanding civilian or military member of NGA with an Award of Excellence.  Several Chapter members have been nominated and inducted into the Geospatial Intelligence Hall of Fame.   Its members have provided assistance to NGA in its Oral History Program.

To contact us: send an email to: